Hello to all the members of the daniweb.
Can we use the multiple scripts of the Google analytics on the home page of the website.

I am not clear what you are asking.

Are you asking if you can add the Google Analytics (GA) code multiple times to the same page? You probably could, but why would you want to? What would be the point? You would possibly ruin the information you are getting from GA and defeating the point of putting it on the page (i.e. - to supply you with meaningful information).

Yeah, sorry, I'm very confused what you're asking as well. On the homepage of what? Can you please be more clear.

Yes johmny you can use multiple scripts on the same page but i want to ask you why would you like to do that? Beacause it will give you negative results....

I am doing SEO work of the website and I see that the website is already had the GA code then I am confuse that I can use the GA code again or not.

Hi david, can you please mention clearly about your query. so that you will get the better answers.

Hello, Sir
what do you want to say?

It is awesome free tools to known about a websites statistics.


Please be clear with your question.

Thanking You
Brett J. Anderson

well, what i am getting from your question is you are trying to add multiple websites in google analytics. So, yes you can do that !!

Google Analytics will give you code to use. You would want to place it once on each page of your site.

You can use multiple GA code but it will conflict in your Google Analyitcs.

Yes, you can use multiple analytics code !!

Yes, you can easily use multiple analytics code but it is not beneficial to you. Only add one code at a time.