Before submitting your webpages you must check all the link pages thoroughly one by one. Do not forget that they should be judged not only by you and your visitors but by number of professional Web site reviewers once you submit them to Web Directories. Check them online after you check them as your local files on your computer. Spend time browsing and clicking on every link on every page. Double check if all the images are loading and how long it takes to load the pages. Use different browsers to see how compatible they are with old and new versions.
Tell your friends to browse your site and give you their feedback how easy it is to navigate, how easy they understand it's content, how easy it is to find a product or how easy to order and the overall performance of your site.
You should check your pages on different computer monitor resolutions. They must look good at 480X640 as much as with 600X800 resolution and even in 1024X768 resolution. Select different font sizes on your browser and make sure your page looks good with any of them. You may add a line mentioned best viewed in 1024X768 resolution.

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I agree that an easy to use and well planned navigation is key to good search engine rankings.

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