Hi friends,
I have a question and want detailed and prompt question.
What is a difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

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Hi Mikky ...

Google AdWords is where advertiers pay to advertise their products across Google and publications within the AdSense network.
Google AdSense is where publishers set up ads on their own site to make money.


Hey Mikky004,
google adword is a very interesting topic to understand.Difference between google adwords and adsense is as follows:
The main difference is that Google Adwords are used by advertisers to fish out the right set of keywords in order for them to gain more reach. They place bids on certain words that are valued by search score throughout the search engine. However AdSense is used by advertisers to track how well their published ads are faring. They can track the number of impressions and conversions an Ad has had using AdSense. Advertisers pay Google a certain amount per ad click. AdSense lets publishers monetize their websites or blogs by earning money from relevant AdWords ads displayed next to their content.
If you need more information regarding this please do comment i will help you as your need.

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