Hi friends,
I have a question and want detailed and prompt question.
What is a difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

Edited by happygeek: Please post your SEO questions in the SEO forum as I have asked you

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Still posting in the wrong place, despite my contact with you - suggests you don't bother coming back and reading the replies
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I have a question for you as well. Why not create your questions in the right categories?

Also, I googled your question and found it wasn't a new question. I worry that you are treating this forum like Quora where you get points for just asking questions.

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Mikky has been asked many times to do this, as replies (he doesn't ever come back to a thread) and by PM. I assume the end game is sig spamming...
If the questions are asked/answered here, then people will find us in the Google search results instead of Quora.
too lazy, too google :)
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