Which part is most important to rank a website?

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In your intro post you wrote "I am Bivhab Sarker. I am a student and SEO expert."

As such, it's best you share what you know with us.

In fairness, that intro is all mixed up. The guy says that he is both 'an SEO expert' and 'I want to be an SEO expert' so, given that he's studying EEE at college/uni, I'm assuming the latter rather than the former. Whatever, it would still be useful to expand upon his own own ideas rather than just throw the questions out. Whaddya say Bivhab, what are your thoughts on website ranking?

commented: Mixed as well as paint out of a paint shaker. +15

That's probably true. If you tell me you're an expert then start asking me about the topic, I worry you're about to spam.

That out of the way the question is as above.

Whaddya say Bivhab, what are your thoughts on website ranking?

I love how there's a discussion in one thread about how to save the platform/community and then there's this crap.

People left because the signal:noise is better on SO and Reddit.

This is clearly noise. Nobody will get anything useful from this and the thousand other threads like it.

The common "pillars" in SEO apply: keywords, content and links. Every SEO is going to tell you something different for their magic approach to mix them in order to achieve your desired result.

The other thing is to have useful SEO tools (to gauge good keywords, competition levels, content ideas, backlinks, etc). One of the most useful tools is Ahrefs (for backlinks, especially). SEMrush is also good (for ranking keywords). You also want to monitor backlinks (as they might be toxic to your site) and setup ranking reports for monitoring keyword positions in search results -- useful for before and after you start your SEO campaign.

So what's the most important part: action, I guess. Before that, a solid strategic plan, and constant optimization.

The first main thing is Unique Content. Content is the king of SEO.
Build backlinks
User Friendly website
On Page & Off Page SEO factors used in your all web page

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