Hi whats the exact difference between caching and indexing.

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Caching is saving the contents of a web page for quick retrieval at a specific time, usually so the same page doesn't have to be processed over and over again. Indexing just goes through a web page, fetches the imporotant information and stores it (like google?). Well at least that's how I understand it.

How to know the cache of my site.

I don't understand what you asked.

Caching means spiders or bots have crawled on your website or webpage, but indexing means google has store your site or webpages in its database.

An indexed page is a page that has been crawled by search engine spider and filed away in that search engine's for later use and a cached page is one that mightly show up in search results

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I think Indexing is where search engine has crawled the web pages and ranks the URLs in the database or index.

I think Caching is where copies of web pages stored in a search engine's database.

You can create Caching by using PHP code. Not sure about Indexing.

I think there is some tutorial for caching and indexing.

Cache and index both are algorithms.In cache, Google check the updates of website but In indexing, Google is saving the updates of webpages in database.

When Search Engine Bot Comes to your website tat means Crawling, After Crawle your webpage Search Engine bot get a copy in his database that's call indexing. You can see index data on your screen that's call Cache of your website.

Caching is related crawler visit on a website and Indexing means how many pages are in the Google database.

Indexing means a page that has been crawled by search engine and store your page in its database and cache means spiders and bots have just crawled your page. Both are search engines algorithms.

Caching means save your webpage and Indexing means put your webpage in Database.

Caching- Search Engines bots are visit website Sitemap or pages for index in Result pages. It is called "Cache".

Indexing- Websites are placed in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP) with particular ranking by search engines. It is called "Index".

chaching and indexing are work as algorithems.In chaching crawler only crawl our page content.
And in indexing crawler crawl page content and this data are store in database.In short indexing
collects, parses, and stores data and in caching collect and parse data.

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