I would like to know about SEO link Wheel. Please explain it with appropriate examplrs.

"WebXeros is a top rated digital marketing company" apparently, yet you need to ask about relatively basic SEO concepts that have been discussed all over the web for the last ten years?

Elsewhere we had a run of questions that were easy to get answers from Google. We (moderators) put it down to the Quora site and how you get points for putting up a new question no matter what. It was decided that we would not put a lot of effort into questions that the person that asked didn't put effort into.

In your case you are a "top rated digital marketing company" and yet ask a question like this. I'd remove this if I were you since that would be bad advertising for your brand.

Link wheels haven't even been a thing since like 2011

Link Wheel is a traditional technique to increase your website rankings in search engine.It looks like a chain
Website 1 Link To Website 2
Website 2 Link To Website 3
Website 3 Link To Website 4
Website 4 Link To Website 5
Website 5 Link To Website 1.
But as I know it is really risky and for now it's not relevant

The Link Wheel is a complex link building strategy designed to help you improve your search engine optimization to rank your website better in the search engines and to get more targeted traffic. To build a link wheel you need to create a circular pattern of links which flow from one website to another and then finally they all link to your website. This circular pattern increases the link juice which all the linking sites provide to your main website and this is why the link wheel is more powerful than any other link building method.

It is a way to increase the website's ranking and get more audience on the website from the search engine. It's like going one site to another and from there to next website and it makes a circle of sites in which the user will roam in your SEO circle. This is called SEO Circle.

In SEO, Link wheel is a buzzword in website. It is the best way to increase webpage ranking.