Has anyone ever come across any authoritative statement from Google on their official position of whether RSS feeds should be noindexed or not?

I think there’s no point in noindex RSS feeds as it does not help in ranking your website better. Using the noindex meta-tag for such feeds may have made sense in the past, but today it is not necessary to do so.

As they are simple to recognize by Google and other contemporary search engines, they take action by excluding it from web search results. Also, by noindex your RSS feeds, you are possibly inviting spammers to your site. Crawling feeds are simple as pie; even a child could program a crawler that can scrape the feed from your content in no time.

My reason for noindexing RSS feeds are because they could be considered thin content, and therefore so many RSS feeds (thin content) could lower the overall domain quality rating.

How would noindexing RSS feeds inviting spammers?

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