Can somebody please explain in layman terms, why my new web page came up 3rd on google selecting my picture logo on the site. Then I made some changes to the site over the next few days, changed the picture and added heaps more (am very very new to creating web pages, from home) and now Google still shows me on the list, 5 or 6 on list but it still shows the original link on the list and when I click to go it says page cannot be displayed (because that picture was removed and replaced). Why wont it list the new page and new photos? The site is the same, but why does google only recognise that first picture?

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If Google was displaying a logo then there's a good chance it's your Google Places entry that they are using.

Does it include a link to "Places"?

Could you upload a screen shot of what you are seeing?

The search engine will eventually figure it out. Here's a tip. Keep your important things the same, only modify secondary content and then keep creating new web pages for more newer content. Maybe start by trying your hand at blogging.

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