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I don't think there is a ready-made list that contains directories with those qualities.
There are many lists, but you have to go through them and visit each directory one-at-a-time to see if submissions require a reciprocal link.

A few other factors to keep in mind:

1) There is no way to tell ahead of time if approval is quick. All you can do is submit and find out for yourself.

2) Conditions change all the time. A directory that is free today may not be free next week. The same can be said for the speed of approvals. The administrator may approve submissions quickly one week and then get slammed with a deluge of submissions the next week, so the approval process is much slower.

3) Any directory with decent PageRank probably won't be free. It will either require payment or a reciprocal link. If you want to make free submissions, you are restricted to relatively new and/or low-quality directories with no or low PageRank.


I won't rely page rank on free directories, they have low authority and can considered as spam by Google.


While many try using these methods for page ranking, the reality is that quality sites on the internet that have high page rank, generally have a lot of visitors and quality content. You really dont see the facebooks and twitters of the Internet bother with these techniques.


Well I think there no such free submission directory which submit the links so quick it takes time


"Chipper11", did you find the information you were seeking?

The following blog post covers directory submission--directly related to your request:

Click Here

It includes links to a couple lists of directories but, as I mentioned previously, you have to go through the lists to find ones that have the qualities you want.


you know I don't think that the free directories would help us more ... there are several other interesting and more helpful ways to do the same thing.. I don't do the directory submission...

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