Hello every one

I have e-commerce site with PR5
From 18 November we are not any more in google results.
The PR is allways 5 color green.
I ame in Dmoz, Yahoo, AOL, and i have many back links.
The test site:domainname.com says non results
The test link:domainname.com give the back lings
Finaly the test info:domainname.com says non info for this site bat clic
on this link (the name of my site) for more info.
My site is 3 years old.

Ihave poste at google many letters and reinclusion request
no answers at all.
How cand i find if i ame banneed or i have penalty and for how long?

Thanks for your help

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Google Webmaster Tools may tell you if you are banned.

The fact that if you do site:domain.com and get no results is not encouraging. But the fact that your PR bar is not grayed out gives some hope.

If you are banned there is no way to find out why unless you contact Google and they tell you why. Otherwise only you know if you did anything they might not like. Filing a reinclusion request will only work if you've fixed whatever is wrong with your site that got it banned so if you don't know start checking out your code. You may have been hacked and don't know it.

Reinclusion can take six months to kick in so you just may have to wait a while if your request has been approved.

Stick with one main website, and if all these other domains with one-pagers are related, make each of them an individual page within the main webiste - expand the one site and dump the others.

Really, if they're all related to a common topic, what's the point of having 50 or so other domains with one page each - none of them will ever rank well on their own.

...and if they're all hosted together, and the engines determine they all belong to the same person, everything will be deemed garbage and never do anything organically...

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