I have already submited my site " www.mysite.com " in DMOZ. then i changed the URL as " www.mysite1.com " for my site.
I am in thought of redirecting.
Now am using www.mysite1.com for my official.

Now i want change the URL in DMOZ. Is it possible?? or i have to resubmit my site??

Awaiting for all of your precious reply!! ;)

Right now it is not possible as Dmoz is bork3n. Otherwise you can ask to have the URL updated. But keep in mind Dmoz id overloaded as it is and short on editors. It may take a while or may never be fixed.

I'm not sure what bork3n is. But there is a site called www.resource-zone.com which is run by a bunch of Dmoz editors. If you ask your question there, a Dmoz editor will be able to respond personally to you. It worked for me when I needed an edit made to my Dmoz listing awhile back. Good luck!

They are very responsive in that forum so it is definitely worth a try. Although I recommend waiting until they fix DMOZ first as nobody can change anything until they do. If you post before they fix it you might get lost in the shuffle.

Yes its possible. Re-submit, that is if dmoz is working again.

Is the submit form working ?

What do you mean fix Dmoz? What's wrong with it?

What do you mean fix Dmoz? What's wrong with it?

1) Corrupt editors
2) Lack of editors
3) Despite a lack of editors rejecting most editor applications
4) Major downtime
5) Extremely slow review times (it can take years to be listed if ever listed at all)

Need more? ;)

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