1. I joined google adsense for my site when it started about 14 months ago hopping it would help me get
indexed. I only had minimum amount of ads on bottom of screen. recently with my increased traffic i put
the ads all over some pages. I thgink many of my satff and clients then clicked heaps of ads from our
work place. Result google suspended my adsense account. I was worried how this may affect my serps.
Answer - no effect what so ever. My conclusion adsese doesnt influnce serps.
2. I recently created lots of new link bait. I than emauiled out heaps of emails telling istes about the
new resources. I gained a lot of good links including a few edu links. My serps stareted increasing for
range of terms. I then took holiday. Sombody reported our site for spam email ( i only sent personlised
emails to sites who had similar resources) the result being that my service provider was instructed to
stop the emails. they took our site down!!!! I was away by time I got it back up 6 days later. google had
spidered site with a 'under construction' page being the only thing there. Result was dissaperared for
everything other than business name. This morning google rechached proper site page. Result all my
previous serps returned to there position (relief).
Two things I have learnty from this down time does not have a lasting efect. Ane be carefukl with
emailing people cold. It is considered spam in many juristictions and can have negative consequences.
Today i breath easy. Back on top of all three. BUT last week i felt like slitting my throat when i saw my
site down.
white hat, grey hat, black hat are very close to each other really.
Be careful fellow SERP climbers
Just thort I would share.

Good luck to all.

Take a deep breath.

How do you feel now?

Just a small question have you managed to get the google adsense account back in shape from google, or are you banned for life.

Geez, Thanks for sharing, I will never cold mail anyone.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure members will learn a thing or two from your reperience.