Hi all ive resently noticed that nearly all of my site is in the "omitted results" part of the searh engine and this is bad , Yes ?

How do it i fix this ? ive also got alot in the supplimental index too but this was an old forum that i had but the data base is the same ive just changed the forum (yestersday) to static url's will this help ?

Ive just resubmitted a new sitemap to google too , i rankn high in the search engines for "tottenham forum" and alot of long tail keywords , but i think this omitted results thing is affecting the main keyword which is Tottenham.

Could someone please give me some advise

Thanks in advance

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This will sound like a cop out answer but it is the truth: increase the PR of your pages. According to Matt Cutts this is a big factor in this.

Hmm i can see a point in that , but how do i do that which out puting loads of links to indivual pages ? my root site is PR 3 and forum index is PR 3 and some of the smaller pages are 1 and 2 but getting PR on all of them would be inpossible ! or is it just a case of waiting and seeing if anything changes ?

Thanks for the answer :cheesy:

1) Get links to the internal pages. If they have good content on them you can submit them to various places. Kind of hard to be specific about this but while it is harder to get deep links it certainly is possible.

2) Get PR to your home page and channel it to your subpages.

Get PR to your home page and channel it to your subpages

Sorry im still learning :cheesy: How do i do this ? just a simple explanation will do i will work the rest out.

Link to them. Remember, PR is transferred through links. Linking to your own pages raises their PR.

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