Internal duplicate content is OK says Google
In an interview by Rand of SEOmoz with Vanessa Fox of Google she mentioned that there really isn't a penalty for having internal duplicate content issues (pages inside your own site that are copies of other pages on your domain).
Rand asked Matt Cutts,"Would you agree with that statement? Would you advise site owners to attempt to fix internal dup content issues, or is it really OK to let Google sort it out?"
Matt,"Vanessa was right - internal duplicate content isn't too big of an issue, and we're pretty good at sorting out which pages to rank."
Good to know!
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That makes sense. It really is similar to duplicate content outside of yours site. Just weed out the duplicates and leave the original.


Huh? Isn't Barat saying that Google won't penalize for duplicate pages within a domain, but if you are copying the exact same tutorial as 200 other sites out there, only the original will rank well?

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