I have a Q.
What is the best/effective method that you found to get a free one way links to your website ?


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I have a Q.
What is the best/effective method that you found to get a free one way links to your website ?


A. Create something worthy to be linked.


Do Directory and article submission, its free.

To get some related one way links, you need to work hard and have good content on your website.

Go for forum posting and directory submission.

Another free loader.

Hard Work. There is no silver bullet otherwise everyone would be rich!

and or u with some off another off web developer just make a crooss links..
let said WebBYa and WebByb
Here We goo!!!

WebBYa1 --> WebByb2
WebBYa3 --> WebByb1
WebBYa2 --> WebByb3
WebByb3 --> WebBYa1
WebByb1 --> WebBYa2
WebByb2 --> WebBYa3

Thats all, hope it will be some nice to think.. thats fair right ??

Are you referring to three-way links or just how two sites can reciprocal link to different pages?

thats only some Description to make one link site absolutely. In a few case I thing all of Us here have a more than 2 site right ? So thats another way to make some off our site have been made link to another site.. and we can made some link to another site again

3-way links :)

There's actually several ways to get free inbound links and despite what many of the folks above have said, you can't magically get inbound links just having good content alone. There are many undiscovered islands in the ocean, if you're not on the map you may NEVER get found.

The fastest way to get free links is by making your content RSS-enabled and by submitting your content to several hundred blog & news sites. Be sure to include a backlink in each topic so it gets picked up and syndicated properly.

Second to that is by hitting the social networks and sharing a blurb or preview of your content within social bookmark portals and social sites such as Digg and YouTube. THEN if you have good content, people will link to it.

Another fantastic way to get free inbound links includes Craig's List and by submitting to free (non-reciprocal) directories. Make your best attempt to NOT list on pages with more than 20 outbound links or on pages with a PageRank of 1 or lower.

Also be sure your links are "keyword rich" otherwise you're wasting your time.

Happy Linking!

I suggest social bookmarking sites. You get 125 links from social bookmarking only for $49 isint cool.

Now coming to directory submission, yes till date its good but google has started and has lowered the PR of almost all directories. also if you check out almost 85% directories have good PR only on home page and when it comes to the link to your site the PR on that inner page becomes 0.

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