This site, for example, is located at - However, it can also be accessed via its domain name

If someone links to, and is forwarded server-side over to, which domain name would get the PR increase? I know that PR is on a page-by-page basis, and not domain-by-domain basis. would be the site to get a pr increase no others.


Is that piece of information available somewhere ? because my understanding for a while now is completely opposite, I understood that if the redirection was done serverside that the gain would be made by the directed to domain, if the redirection was done client side the would indeed go to the, in this case domain.

Just Curious :)

Caislander, that is what I thought as well. That was actually one of my primary reasons for grouping all of my sites - and (and any future projects) under the domain. This way, I would only have to deal with PR for one enormous site and they would all share each other's traffic.


Well I am now hoping that is true, since I have advised clients on setups similar to yours based on that belief !:eek:

I'm doing the redirection by adding a Redirect Permanent to httpd.conf (for Apache)

I *think* how it works is when the spider is parsing the links it just records them, where they are coming from and where their going.

The following is an exerpt from the SitePro News e-newsletter. It's usually relatively trustworthy:

First, search engines often either penalize or downgrade sites that use immediate URL forwarding, especially from a home page. URL forwarding suggests doorway pages (a search engine no-no) or affiliate URL's forwarding to an affiliate program site, or the worst of all scenarios, cloaking software on your server. You may not be doing any of these things, but the robots don't know, don't care, and don't index your site, plain and simple.

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