I use the google adwords

I'm inclined to say no, but on one of the sites I have in the works, we're looking at collecting donations to do exactly that. We're also looking into buying tv airtime, since we've found a decent price for it.

A decent price for tv airtime?!, wow. How do plan on evaluating ROI for that?

Well, a good place that is cheap (depending on the size of the image) is:

<< url snipped >>

I think that an image below 25x25pixels is free...worth checking out?


Definitely not. There's plenty of free places to advertise!

Yes. Free advertising is nice but some places you just can't get to without paid advertising.

If you want it to be successful then of course you would spend some cash on it

I would definitely pay to advertise but like one of the other members said- I would have to see a significant ROI.

I am REALLY looking to get my site rolling though. :)

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