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Not sure where to turn anymore, I'm by no means a web designer & think I've messed up somewhere. I keep looking at my web hits & the best I've done since we opened is about 40-80 hits a week?
Any ideas on how to get into any better position to market this deal.

I know Aviation in of itself is a hard sell these days, as we all know it's in the drink again, but willing to give it one heck of a shove!
flightbiz :cry: :o

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First, congratulation on the new site.
Second, how is your position in search engines? Does your site show up in the results when seraching for a phrase or a word that relates to your site on search engines?
I looked at one of your pages source code and found that you use no META tags for keywords or description. Try using those in order to help indexing your pages.
How about changeing links with other sites from the same fields of intrest?
You will need a 'Resources' or 'Links' section on your site in order to present these links.
Try storing your long lines of non HTML code in another file to which you will link from all your pages instead of placing it all on the HTML pages.


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