Is there anyone knows how to integrate Ikobo payment option into OSCommerce?

Well, in order to integrate ikobo with OSC you are going to need some sort of module. Recently I've just come across such a module located here. It's got a nice demo to see it at work. Maybe this will help you.

I would like to tell you "I'm very pleased with iKobo, please use this link to subscribe". But I can't. And this is because they are thief.
In order to start using a credit card, they required to "validate the CC", operation that consist in debiting my account with a small amount of money. After I made the "validation of the credit card", they blocked my account and told me that in order to unblock my account, I should send them some papers (passport, ID card, some bills...). I had sent them, but they told me "I don't meet the criteria" with no other explanation. I emailed them to ask the debited amount back (not much, ~$5), but they keep telling me that "they can't provide me services". I don't want services, all I want is my money back. Is it too hard to understand? But they seem not to understand, hoping I'll let it be.
Don't hesitate to contact me if any questions.

Sounds bad indeed, but considering I've been using them for a while now and never heard of such a thing, as well as you being new here, I can't trust you too much. Anyway, as long as I never had any problems, I don't see any reason for contacting you because I do everything legit so things like won't happen to me (catch my drift here? ;) )

Oh, or are you going to recommend me some other company that provides similar services?

We have to understand him. He is just a bad spammer. ;)
On the other hand, there were situations where some ikobo users could log into their ikobo accounts but look at the increased number of negative impressions about paypal. These things happen and we don't have to make our decision based on somebody's mistakes. I only know that I NEVER had problems with ikobo and they are still my number one payment gateway service.

Hehe, well, I don't know if he's a spammer or not. Let's not pass judgment... or something. :twisted:

I for one had a couple of issues with ikobo for that matter, but nothing serious and nothing that couldn't be resolved by a chat with their livehelp people.

I suppose the measure of a particular service’s reliability can also be the way they resolve potential problems that may arise, because let's face it, problems will always happen.

Does anybody have any idea if I can sell my stuff to my trusted clients, using only my ikobo personal account? I know focused on improving their p2p services and I would really like to profit from that :) :evil:

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