i have signed up for adsense, but must know how much it pays per click before entering my ss #. help?

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That's not a question anyone can answer. Google doesn't share that information. It depends on many things. What ads are displayed, what type of site they are displayed on, etc.

DazzlinDonna beat me to the punch, but I too was about to respond to this thread saying that I don't think you're going to get a straight answer about this. For one, it's against Google's TOS for AdSense partners to disclose any information about their accounts. Second of all, Google pays an undisclosed percentage of how much they make per click from their advertisers, and this value is based on how much advertisers bid to get listed. (It's based on Google AdWords). With certain highly competitive keywords, I've seen AdWords users bid as much as $15/click, with a $0.05 minimum. Usually expect AdSense to bring you between 2 cents and a dollar per click, depending on what your site is about, and how competitive the subject on each page is. (As you know, AdSense ads are content targeted). For example, my Web Development ads perform nearly twice as well as my Tech Support ads.

ah, thx much. thats MUCH better than i expected, but it also makes much more sense. it also helps that i just read the agreement thing.

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