Hi again! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to invite you to become a part of our TA program!

We've moved things around, added some more manpower, and have managed to make space for a few more clients to come aboard and begin enjoying our specialized TA services!

And I wanted you to be the first to know about it!

Our TA professionals have gone above and beyond in helping our current clients with all their traffic needs, and we're proud to be able to offer such a helpful program to busy professionals such as yourself.

Our seasoned TA's are proficient in most all of the traffic tactics available out there, and are constantly being trained on new ideas and concepts from Nick and his crew! It's been a great year and we've really achieved some great client successes and long-term friends along the way.

So won't you join us? Don't wait, as we both know that traffic is the key to your online success. You can have the best sales message in the world...but if nobody sees it...well.....you know how many sales happen in an empty room!

We've saved you a space, but you have to snap it up now before someone else grabs the opportunity.

We are presently going to open seven slots for a select few customers.

Now is the time for you to act quickly to secure your very own personal Traffic Assistant!

The doors to the Traffic Assistant program are opening on 5th of March 2008.

Registrations will be closed as soon as the slots are full……..!
Follow the link below to secure your TA:


We look forward to your joining us! Talk to you soon!

Please hurry as the slots are open only for a limited time.

Us Panigrahy

Ah dang, I missed it. Please let us know if the opening is still on.


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