I was wondering how beneficial it is to promote websites within ones signature in a forum such as this one? Should signatures be limited to the promotion of one website? Is it beneficial to promote all of my websites, which are all fairly unrelated, all at once in my signature box? Would it be better to simply put one website in my signature and promote them individually? Any info would be great! Thank you in advance!

I think you should use the relevant site link in your signature, however it is nothing bad if you use other site as atleast you can get some exposure.

Thank you for your reply Wilson2, but I am still wondering which way to lean on this. One link in my signature, and one website gets promoted. If I have more than one link in my signature two - three websites are being promoted simultaneously, but is this in a negative manner because the content surrounding most likely 2 out of the three links will not be relevant? So I guess I am re-asking my question: Is it better to promote one website in my signature? or is it more efficient to promote all of my websites in one signature, regardless of the content of where my posts are going? More simply; quantity or quality?

Signature links have virtually no SEO value. I would look at them more as advertisements that you hope users click on.

It does count as a valid backlinks unless forum uses nofollow tag for signature.
It does help in getting a better rank in search engine.

Thanks for the info! How might I determine if a forum that I post in has a "no follow tag"?

It does help in getting a better rank in search engine.

They really don't help with SEO. They have such little value that unless you are targeting non-competitive keyphrases they won't help much at all. And even then if the phrase is uncompetitive directory submissions would work just as well.

Thanks for the info! How might I determine if a forum that I post in has a "no follow tag"?

Just view the course code of the page.

Thank you Stymiee!!

As you can see, I stick several of my links in my sig file. It is effortless to do so, and they stay on the forums for as long as the forums last. Sure, they don't have any SEO value, but that is not the only value going!

Related forum sites and topics help.......


Right, because the bots scan the content around your link? And that way they can tell how relevant the actual link is. It's all coming together :) Thanks.

More importantly, because people get real clicks from forum signatures. When you've got a good reputation on a forum, everyone who knows you in the community wants to see what other things you're involved in. If you post in relevant forums, you get people clicking through to your site who are interested in the same subject matter. It's a good way to make connections and, since you have your own website about the topic, you can be a better member of the forum community. Every post you make reflects upon your own website. If you have lots of good, informative posts, the credibility of your website increases among other people in your industry who also visit the forum.

Absolutely. Forum posting is a great credibilty booster. It is also wonderful for brand recognition if you are able to spread awareness of your site through forums. People aware of your website may be more apt to visit it when the need arises if they have heard of it and visited out of curiosity before. Thanks Dani for a great forum,where I can learn so much. Plus your posts are always so informative, practicing what you preach... :)

Thanky :)

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