For this you have to do following activities:

Directory Submission,
Article Submission,
Blog Posting,
Classified Submissions,
Press Release,
Ping Services,
Social Bookmarking,
Forum Posting,
RSS Submission etc.

with these activities you can also promote your site in various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. then you can do you tube video submission, link wheel strategy etc.

1. Make use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your website.
2. Participate in forum discussions
3. Submit articles, press releases etc.
4. Keep on posting quality content in your website.
5. Share documents, slides and videos related to your website.
6. Comment on blogs relevant to your niche.
7. Save bookmarks in high PR bookmarking sites.
8. PPC campaigns.

do maximum do follow and social bookmarking and press releases

If you have got a domain and want to get traffic you have to prepare a strategy before starting with any promotion technique. If all you want visitors to only view your website than social media such as Facebook is enough to give you number of visitors but if your website is commercial and you have any definite reason or want your end user to purchase you product or services than Search engine seems to be one of the best platform. Here you have to optimize your website looking to all guidelines provided for webmaster.

The best thing to do initially is to read some blogs at a few of the best SEO and Serach engine websites. Once you have a basic understanding of the techniques that you may want to use then think about creating some custom content for your site. If you have good content on your site then other will link to it naturally. Natural linking and high quality custom content are the easiest and the best way to begin your adventure into the world of SEO.

i agree with geminideal. You should start SEO.It gives better result in 3 months.

you may get more backlinks your website traffic will be increased shortly.

You should use basic SEO and SMO for increase traffic. I am sure you will get more traffic.

Here some methode of getting more traffic to the site the back links are needed and to get more back links there are some of the tips and ways in the seo and the internet marketing.
1.Article Submission
2.Press Release Submission
3.Rss Feed Submission
4.Footer Links
5.Affiliate Marketing
6.Video Submission
7.Review Posting
8.Forum Posting
9.Css Submission
10.Blog Commenting

Follow webmaster guideline to build your site and after start marketing you site links through social media, search engines and paid ads.

at first you will subit your site all searh engine then you write good article in your web site. After that seo in your site.

If you don't want to pay for any advertisment then I think Social Media Optimization would be perfect choice for you. Where you can promote your business to targeted audience by posting useful information to them.

Study about Seo First then try to put quality content on your website.Learn about meta tags and Link Building Techniques.

yup you should go towards SEO

blog commenting and social media networking helps more to get traffic of website.

Use Social sites to viral your unique and genuine content.Share your updates and events happening.Follow the relevant people to your products.Make qualitly back links of your site.Content is the King In Seo,so you should focus on it.....:)

To have traffic in website: social networking, quality content and press release.

content is the KING,

Learn some socializing concept od social media & do some seo thing to get users at ur site.

first : on-page optimization to be done properly, then go ahead....

There are others way like facebook sharing twitter , stumble upon which bring traffic to the website . you can also use press release ,classifieds to drive traffic for you website.

you can do proper keyword research
also blog commenting

Do proper social media and link building .

your post back to 4 year ago, i think yor site is popular now, however, linkedin is one of the best way to increase the traffic to your website, i used it for my website and i got the good result

either popular, or doesn't exist anymore.
I think, however, it's safe to say the OP is not reading this anymore. there are a lot of recent threads asking basically the same. updates can be posted there as well.

do some link building methods to improve your web site traffic.

Social Media sharing is one of the best way to gain traffic towards to your website.

people, this is an ancient thread.
either there is no question about this particular topic left, or it is in a more recent thread. it's about time (after four years) we laid this one to rest.

As per my opinion the best techniques are below through you can get huge traffic on your site
Yahoo answering
blog commenting
Forum posts
Another question answer sites
Bookmarking submission

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