Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if there is a website out there that will measure my website and measure someone's website and tell me if it benefits me to swap links? I mean give me a rating of say 8 and give the website a rating of 6 and the spit out that it benefits him more than it benefits me.....

Has anyone seen anything like that?

Thanks a bunch

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I am using a a software which is good and easy to operate . It compare your site with your competitors and also give a brief ranking reports in major search engines .It also do some automated submissions to various search engine .
Try It here for free..

Thanks, but thats not quite what I was talking about. Nevertheless, that is really cool software. And the fact they give away a free version is always nice.

The website I was talking about earlier, gathered you domain's Google PR and the Google PR if another site and based on the comparison, it stated weather or not it was beneficial to you to swap links with the other site.

thank you

You may also try out seoelite, go with free trial.

Not sure if there is really a tool for that. But try to search it in google.

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