What day of the week has worked out best to send newsletters or digets to your members? Right now I have them set to go out on the first Monday of every month. However, I'm wondering if Monday is not the best day because people are in the whole "back to the grind" mood and busy playing catchup from the workload that piled up during the weekend, and sorting through a weekend's worth of email in their inboxes. I don't want my newsletters to get lost in the mix and am wondering if Tuesday is perhaps better? As you guys know, the site mostly attracts professionals.

On the other hand, the weekends are very slow for us, and a Monday newsletter might be just the boost we need to start off the week.

Personally, I prefer doing reading on Wednesdays because my manager works from home that day. :p

Hey there. I've experimented with this very issue many times. I get the MOST responses when I start sending them out around 2pm.

I've tried every day of the week, measured the numbers and everything....my folks seem to respond on Thursdays.


Hey! I checked out your profile...you and I are born on the same day! (Veteran's Day Babies)....I'm 11 years older...but hey....rock on!

Weekends aren't so good, I usually send mine out on Tuesday or Wednesday b/c Monday people are usually busy and nobody is every working on Friday.. hehe

SolePM, I'm very surprised that you receive the best response so late in the week. In the past, I, too, had good feedback on Tuesday. I was hoping Monday afternoon would be good though.

Thursday :)

I just sent out my second newsletter, over the weekend. Poor response. :( My first newsletter went out on a Sunday and got a great response, but maybe that was just the newness of it.

I'll definitely try for a midweek, mid-afternoon newsletter next time around.


This is slightly off/ slightly on topic: When do Forums get the most hits is it in the week or on weekends? I have never really looked at my own as it is very small and I am lucky to get one person on at a time.

But, I am doing a huge redesign (i have learnt alot since my first try) and I hope to double the members. I am going to try and email as many people as possible, kind of spam, but it is to people who will be interested in it. First of all how many emails do you guys think I need to send to add 100 more members, and when should I send them? (i told you it was slightly on topic.)


I am going to try and email as many people as possible, kind of spam, but it is to people who will be interested in it. First of all how many emails do you guys think I need to send to add 100 more members, and when should I send them?

You want people to give you advice on spamming?


Wow you are so funny(sense the sarcasm). It isn't spam it is to peopole who will be interested in the subject of the website. And that isn't everybody. But any help with how many people you think I should email would be greatfully received.

Spam is unsolicited email. The definition of 'unsolicited' is anything not asked for. Whether the person may be interested in it or not, it's technically spam if the user didn't specifically request it, such as by opting into a mailing list or newsletter.

Ok, fine it is spam, but it isn't the annoying spam for pills and illegal software it is 1 email to each person not 5 a day. I have a question, If someone sent you a email about a new forum like daniweb but with a more focused aim on graphics for instance, I am sure you would be glad to be one of the first to know and be able to use the resource. I believe the people I am sending this email to will feel the same way and they won't just delete it.

Back to my original question, what day of the week is it best to send it out?

I send out my monthly newsletters Tuesday early afternoon. It's late afternoon by the time all 85,000 members receive the email. Still ... I think you should just play around with different days and times until you find the one that performs the best for you. I think the only conclusion everyone here has made is not to send it out on weekends, and yes to sending it out in early/mid afternoon.

usually i do it on a saturday because the members wont have work or school etc.

The problem with doing it on a weekend is that most people surf the internet during the evenings after work or school. However, weekends are usually spent with various activities (unless you're me and you spend 24/7 in front of the computer). Therefore, email inboxes tend to fill up during the weekends, and you don't want your newsletter to have to compete with lots of other mail.

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