hi.... hows u doin?
well promoting your product does takes time but these days Seo's techniques and different community's have made it very easy to market and attract traffic to your pages,products etc!

Thanks for the information, but ive heard in some threads thats social bookmarking is not that good, true the sites have a ton of visitors, but what good is the traffic if it doesnt convert. Remember conversions is the important thing.

Derrick Ocean
U Can't Spell S_ccess Without U

Write articles and post them on article repository sites like GoArticles with a link back to the forum.

Write articles and post them on article repository sites like GoArticles with a link back to the forum.

Hi mackone, i really value your insights here and i'm interested to learn if article submissions really have any SEO impact. It is my understanding that once you submit your unique content to a variety of article directories, the content no longer becomes unique or original - thus diluting the value of the links. Is this true?

I wonder if it would be better to host the article on your own site, market and spread the word about it; and if the article is worthwhile, it will earn citations and drive a lot more qualified traffic to your site. What do you think?

Do what the gurus do:

1) Articles and submissions
2) Social Bookmarking

i have two suggestions for you, 1st is to increase the number of categories because few people will leave if they don't see their desired category.
2ndly apply SEO tech ticks and other technique and all this process should be on regular basis. Hopefully you will get more traffic.

I thinks you can making forum signature with backlink to your'e sites...

Thanks and hope its' helping

Make the forum to be active, start conversations in your forum by yourself, then you can use other SEO tactics such as Blogging commenting, Social bookmarking, Related Forums, Articles etc to promote it.

I run a web host along with a forum which is powered by vBulletin...
What iss the best way to bring people to the forum and start them posting and making new threads.

Many thanks

Posting comments and participating in other forums that are related to yours. But always use anchor text with your keywords and links.

The best way to get traffic is submit to directories, article site, social book marking sites, vedio sharing site etc. This can bring a lot of traffic.

Use dofollow backlinks for good SEO

The best way to promote the website and generate huge traffic is :

On-Page Optimization:

meta tags, title tags, alt attributes, h1/h2 tags, keywords, description

Off-Page Optimization::

forum posting, article submission, blog creation, blog roll, rss feed submission, link building, blog commenting, directory submission

social bookmarking, social networking, squidoo lenses, linkdin, twitter, facebook

And even
PPC (if you have huge amount to invent into this)

I think do proper optimization your site and get good ranking in major search engines It will help to increase traffic...

First, I am searching for a host that charges monthly. I don't want to pay yearly and get stuck with a host.

Stumbled on chime host - chimehost.com but I can't seem to find many sites reviewing them. I see justhost on hosting review sites but they require advance payment for the low price.

please give me your opinion

What do think about posting too many threads though? Do you think that if you are posting and no one is responding, it might send a message that you as the owner are trying to get things going, but it's not working? (Just thinking about the worse case scenario here.)

I think it would be a good idea to ask a few of your friends to join and respond to your discussions or get new ones going -- sometimes all it takes it a few replies to get a thread going.

I completely agree with this idea! First of all you need to tell few of your known persons. friends etc. to do participate in your forum and give reply against different new interesting threads. It should looks like a running forum. Then you also need to participate in other forum discussions, use your own forums' signature. Also post your forum and ask other members to review your forum. Join different social networking sites. Over there join different groups and ask people to visit your forum. Create a page at facebook with attractive images, texts, videos (if there is any) and ask other members to join your group etc.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. You can implement:

Blog Commenting
Forum Posting
Pay Per Click
Banner Ads
Link Exchanges

I do believe that some online companies provide traffic delivery for a small fee.


Buy some google adwords, create a facebook page and add friends request to everybody on there, twitter - keep tweeting, radio - call some radio show talk hosts and see if they can advertise you for free (all in the good cause).
Print some fliers and have somebody distribute them outside pet stores.

Social Networking is one of the best way to get traffic to ur website

its much simple, every back link is the way to get traffic, but it should be more relevant to your site. So you need to get more and more back links to get more traffic.

I thinknk blog commetning also helpful to drive traffic

To get more traffic, I would suggest you to use unique and fresh content updated regularly.
Also use Social Media Optimization techniques such as Social Bookmarking, Article Submission .... etc

There's a new Ebook I have just come across which I predict will become very popular.

It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete. Plus an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing.

Have fun with it.

Lavanda Williams

Make you site know to as more people you can any where like social networks, forums, and different other place that will attract more traffic towards you site... with less bounce-back rate.

1-social networks (myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin and using to other social media.)

2- social bookmarks (digg, delicious, and other social bookmarking sites.)

3- directory submission

4- RSS submission

5- blog commenting

6- forum marketing ( participating in relevant forums)

7- using different one way link building techniques

If you want to increase traffic to your website, best way to make Article posting, social book marking, Blog posting and promotion of the blogs
It will improve visitors to your websites. Apply it find effects...

I think to drive more traffic to your forum needs online marketing.Patience is another key thing needed to drive more traffic as it is a time consuming process and there is no shortcut to it.
>Online Marketing includes patience,SEO stuffs.
>Some good catchy topic discussion where people can share their own views might can lead to more traffic.
>The forum has to be an updated one.
>Always try to participate meaningfully in conversations in some other forums to generate more traffic to your website.
>Social Media Networking which is a part of SEO might generate more traffic to your forum.
Hope this helps.

If you need traffic for your site then social networking best way to get traffic early.

Backlinking is the best way to increase your traffic. If you have a website then you need to make it more visible and this can only be done with good SEO. It involves both on page and off page optimization, so get on it right away.

Hire an SEO expert and increase the PR of the forum. This would increase your search ranking and secondly, people would visit and post more on your forum to get signatures and publish their websites.

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