What is Link Popularity?
Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing TO your site FROM other sites on the Web.
Building links is one of the most important factors in getting top placements on the major search engines.

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The measurement of inbound links to a particular webpage by search engines, often to determine the relative importance of a page.

Well I think panther786 & Hafsoh have given correct definition of Link Popularity. There are few factors deciding this:
- Backlinks.
- No. of Unique Visitoers.
- No. of Visitors coming back
- No of hits.

As panther has already suggested, you guyz can use automated tools available to automatically submitting your link to various social networking sites, thereby redirecting quality traffic:

Bookmark Submitter Pro is really cool. Click on it to view the product.

Link popularity still carries some weight in website ranking, but achieving that popularity has been made more difficult by some recent algorithm changes.

Ultimately link popularity is just one criteria out of over 100 that contribute to where a website shows up in the search engines, and depending on the keywords you are trying to rank for, may not be necessary at all.

Make sure any links you get come from websites with content relevant to yours, and if possible, from websites with a strong page rank.

it seems that he means the backlinks and alos internal links are important( the number of indexed pages )

How people sees your site based on the amount of links it have and rank it accordingly

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