Live Chat is specifically useful for high value products. People can’t just see the product images and order them. They need a human touch to their buying process. They need to have a real feel to their buying. They want assurance and some sort of personal feel. Now with a Live Chat support system he can have all this.According to recent research it has been found that more than 90% of visitors leave the website without making a transaction. This is indeed a very disheartening thing for websites and makes online selling a difficult job. To become successful at online operations it becomes necessary to understand why these customers left our website without making any transaction. Having a virtual salesman provides the solution to this problem by keeping a track of visitors and helping them all along.

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I totaly agree with you, large % of customers leave, i was thinking on actually open a live chat window without their approvel but then i thought its to much and might scare them away.. you know, me invating their computer...

If your site is interactive and you have a solid knowledge base, I don't think you need a chat software.

They're talking more of an ecommerce-style site where someone can interact with a live salesperson (like in a chat window type thing) before making the purchase.

Thanks for the info. Live chat or online chat is a better idea and it is very helpful to a site. The possible clients can ask questions about the company products, services and online inquiry as well.

Today’s competitive world selling products online means acquiring the best of technology and tools. << plug snipped >> is one such tool which helps you acquire customers.

It do helps in improving online sales conversion rates and order sizes with one to one contact . ..Still having functionalities as voice as well as video streaming from softwares as SNIP or freewares as Yugma, Dimdim etc through website might enhanced the communication little better..; if implemented.

I have been using SNIP Live Chat for a couple years. From my experience there is no so many people clicking on "Live Chat" button. It is hard to say why.
About 50% of chatters just coming because of curiosity.
So I think it is not so effective as it seemed.

Very interesting to hear that not many people click on live chat button

Good idea! Yes, a live chat can close more sales and improve customer satisfaction. Comm100 is a good one, totally free and has high availability.



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