Should the owner/main honcho of a forum use the title Admin or is better to go with a name like Dani is doing here on DW?

What are the pros and cons?


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Go with a name. A couple of reasons. The first being that admin comes off as sorta corny (or at least I think so, others may disagree). A huge benefit is that you can keep the name as your online presence. For example, when starting a forum, we all know the value in posting in other forums to draw in members, etc. By keeping the same name, you become somewhat of a celebrity in your industry, and your site and name combo become your trademark. I'm known as "cscgal" on,,,,,,,,, among many others. When people see the cscgal name everywhere, they associate it with DaniWeb - just a little off-site branding ;)

Thats cool - here's my dilemma concerning that...

I am known as ValueHosted and ShackBase.... always sign my posts with --Tone...

Should I go with the username Tone and if so, should i rename user#1 to Tone or create a second user named Tone?

Where did you get the cscgal name from?

Thanks for your input, and I agree, a name is better than Admin...


It doesn't matter if you want to be ValueHosted, ShackBace, or Tone ... but whoever you are, be consistant everywhere. I got the name CSCGAL because it was my car's license plate. So when I needed an online username, I decided to just name myself after my car! Don't worry, it's a custom plate ;) It means Computer Science Gal :)

shackbase is a newer one for me to go with my whole set of sites, valuehosted was for when i was into hosting. :)

Ah - mine's Brichi after my daughters knickname (Brianna)... :) (licenseplate that is)


I use two different accounts.

One Admin. This account is used to do official business. Warnings, mailers, site-specific issues (other then basic request/resposes), announcements, etc.

The other one is my name. It is used exclusively to chit chat, respond to threads, and etc. It is NEVER used to create an official response relating to the site, it's management.

a) It shelters my name id from harassment.
b) it allows me to transfer the Admin account temprorarily or permanently to an other individual. (I do like to vacation!)
c) Members recognize that when a response is from Admin, it is official, and not up for discussion, and is final.

now that is some excellent advice, thanks Libertate.


Is there anyway to change the author of a post to someone else? ie. from admin to Shackbase?

I see i can edit posts, but it does not update nor does it seem to have an option to change who posted a message.


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