Can any one tell me some simple steps to build my website from development to publishing on the web without programming?

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You can set up a website using some free website providers. Just signs up, choose a site template and fill content. You can own your site without programming.

What kind of website do you want to build? You need free or buy? Do you want to create by your own program? please, more specify.

I can tell you a good idea of creating static website without hiring any programmer. Here are simple steps

1. Register a Domain Name which looks like this www.yourdomainname.com
2. Create website either by hiring programmer or by purchasing a development tool.
3. Publish your website through ftp.

For more information of development tools go here A4 Desk Pro Flash Website Builder

Why not take a look at joomla, it works pefectly and is easy to use. Also you have a bunch of extension for it and great support.

Best thing is it is free.

if you are looking for free and something to start out with, id recommend a blog or wordpress. joomla is also pretty good. Also check out Interspire website publisher. You can find them through one of the links in my signature.

without building the site on your own you need to hire freelancer to hire to make the site for you.there is no' set and forget at building website ,it need one talent to run all the process and update and it need also talent to maintain your site from the possibility of getting Hacked

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