I've been trying to promote my link swap directory over the past few weeks/months and I am now getting at least two new submissions per day. Despite high PR pages throughout the directory, traffic is minimal.

I would love for my directory to be more than just a place to get a free backlink, but to actually be trafficked for people looking for things. It's completely searchable.

Is there any hope for me in succeeding at this? Are there any directories out there (aside from Dmoz) that generate any substantial amount of real traffic?

Currently the directory receives a couple hundred uniques per day, but that's just nothing compared to the amount of traffic my site generates.

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Do you advertise it on dani? Buying sitewide links on high traffic sites may help you.

Submit your website to directories directory like directorycritic and you will soon get lots of links and hits :).

I have 8 directories and all submitted there and i regulatly receive link requests.

Try it out.

There are about 7-8 directories directory submit to all.


Join other webmaster sites dani, people are more than happy to add there links to your directory, Also you can add your directory to other directorys :)

If you want a targetted traffic, its better you can go for some relevant links based on the directory categories. If yr directory has good PR, many will swap the links with you.

It is a good ideal to make the directory for people who are looking for some thing apart form backlink, I think it will increase your traffic as well.

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