Hi all, I'm still new to daniweb and i think this is a great forum for info so good job daniweb 4 that....I'm thinking about adding a forum to my site so my visitors can discuss matters about affiliate programs and so on...whats a good place to get a forum for free to start of with? and also are they hard to maintain will they take up to much time?also how do i put it on my website...or do i have to get a forum host?

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If you have an existing site, I take it you already have a webhost. One of the most popular beginner forum software out there is phpBB which you can get from www.phpbb.com - it's free and just requires a webhost which supports PHP and MySQL. It also comes with easy to install instructions.

However, you cannot have the "build it and they will come" mentality. There are 10000 other forums out there about any particular topic. With dedication and devotion, you can just about make anything succeed!

You're welcome :)

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