Hey guys i recently opened a multi topic forum and today came this spammer who makes account after account and spams the hell out of my forum. He leaves links to democracyforums.com. Since Im new to this, can anybody tell me some ways to stop him and other spammers, or are there any mods for that problem. Thanks in advance!

Which forum software you are using? I think "captcha" can minimize spam but there is no solid solution to stop spamming.

Do what the forum admins do here.. snip url's.

delete threads and ban spammers. We have mods located all over the world so that DaniWeb gets 24/7 (normally) coverage. And what the mods don't immediately catch there are many regular members who report spam and other problems to the mod staff for quick resolution, which is what the Flag Bad Post button is used for.

Yes, we rely heavily on members reporting what they see.

Banning someone's IP address is not a good practice, since the user might be on a random IP address. His/her IP address changes every time he's online, as assigned by his/her ISP. Banning might cause you to lose some sincere potential visitors who are using the same IP address assigned to the offender. You can temporary ban the address and remove the ban shortly afterwards, though.

IP ban him.

If he is just using only one site on his sig together with the other account, ban them to stop spamming on your site. Just make sure there is a rule in your forum about duplicate account. This is a ground to ban account.

Send a Pm warning of a ban and leave it open for a discussion.

You can put a time limit between posts and prevent users to post same phrases before their last.