Hi everyone,

I am brand new on here and I like this place. Lot of good information and very nice people on here willing to help people be successful on here. Not rude stuck up people on here.

I am starting a ecommerce business part-time and hopefully go full-time. I am going to use all the advertising and marketing resource I found on here. Man I will be busy.

Can anybody email me and kind of explain in more detail what is link
exchange/back link is in more details and were do go to do this or find a place that does this. I know were I can do some already.

Also is it true you need your shopping cart SEO friendly and content ready like meta tags and scripting. I'm learning this but still very green on this subject.

Is there any cheap places or tools I can use help my business grow.

You guys sound so nice and I be back and I will not go live with my site until I get the Ok from a lot people off here and few other places.

If anybody like to send me any good advice
Please email me.
Michael Ladd
<snip email>

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You should learn about SEO and start online marketing of your site or if you've budget, you should hire a SEO expert those having experience in online marketing.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business: The first step to creating your own e-commerce business is to find you niche. Examine your hobbies and interests for potential business ideas. You may also consider opening a business that is similar to your current job. Now that you have a few business ideas, it is time to research the demand. Before settling on a business idea, scope out your would-be competitors. You will need to know your competitors websites inside and out.

first of all you need to analyze the market, As you know there are so many competitors online, you can't just come up easily... Develop the idea about the E-Commerce site and what will be the special thing in it..

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