im planning to add a chatroom or web instant messenger to a website im building, to allow users to chat with each other in real time. i was thinking to buy a script like www.123flashchat.com, but their price is (ridiculousy) toohigh.
so instead im thinking about programming one myself. i have done a instant messenger once in C , but text only (comand line) no graphics. i want something thats compatible with most browsers , and OS specially windows and linux also(since i used it 100% of time, desktop and work). so i was considering flash or javascript for th client, but i dunno exactly where/how to start. anybody here as experience with this kind of thing that can advice me or who did something similar in own site?


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just to give more context. i never programmed on javascript, but when i look at sample code i can understand it easily. flash looks easier to implement better looking interfaces, but i have no idea how the communication works (i cant find anything usefull on the net) however i had a one (and only) experience with flash, i didnt like it much, since it doesnt even detect syntax errors, so your program runs, but it doesnt work, you think its the algorith its wrong somehow, but in the end its just some little syntax thing missing

Yeah, I have been told about that 123flash thing before by a forum member of mine and my answer was (after I recovered from the shock of the price) I think I will see how it goes this year and whether I make enough money from adverts, in other words NO

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