Blogging and even Vlogging has helped increase business leads and sales. Gary V with his Wine Library has helped make him into a e-wine superstar and generated millions of sales annually. I have seen blogs come and go. Reason being - it takes time to make it grow, not only with content but with fostering relationship with other related bloggers and readers who leave comments.
My question is, if you have blogged for your business, have you had substantial new business leads because of your blog? How has blogging helped your business? On one of my blogs, I constantly have to screen out spam. Has the blog helped you become a blog superstar like with Gary V?

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I have operated a variety of blogs in many different niches and i can say yes without a doubt they will help to grow your business, as long as your blog contains useful and original content. Also, there are some plugins you get to screen out the spam

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