Hi, anyone tried Greenzap.com? It is a new online payment site like paypal. However, they don't even have contact info. Is might be some sort of scam, any one tried it?

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GreenZap is nothing but a scam....

They told everyone it would be a $25 referral fee- that became some sort of coupon, of course no one could ever find anywhere to use this stuff they called web cash.

They put up a bunch of logos fom stores like Amazon, Target, NetFlicks etc, then they got busted for it, so they pulled them down.

They are lame enough to open a section called "Auctions" on their site that is just a hard coded link to ebay.

They have made numerous promises to deliver all sorts of services, but never followed through..."summer 2005" (as promised on the site) is over, but nothing is there.

They got busted for using the same server as a known scammer named Damon Westmoreland... So they just claimed he was a consultant.... But he is now the CEO.... (the consulting thing must have been a lie - who turns a consultant into CEO).

The latest is a big pump and dump scheme. They "sold" greenzap to a holding company and issued 75,000,000 shares.... Then "Wall Street Capital Funding" was paid $30,000 to put out all sorts of promotions for their stock including faxes, and spamming the net.
(just read the disclaimer at the bottom:
"WSCF has been compensated for dissemination of company information on behalf of one or more of the companies mentioned in this release. WSCF has been compensated Thirty Thousand Dollars for coverage of NPW Development, Inc. (NPWV)"

Suddenly Greenzap is now releasing all these press releases about itself trying to sell off some of their stock to poor fools.

Anyway the one mistake they made is they are not licensed to transmit money... Anyone that has any dealings with them should report them:

I hope they are hiding their identity by not providing contact info, how one can rely on their reliability. I too think it is something scam.

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