Have you submitted to link directories. If so, what has been your experience? Most best practices guidebooks advise against it.

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Directory submission is a kinda dead method for me. Its not effective at all according to me. It don't give enough traffic and i don't prefer using it. Someday it will completely vanish as all webmaster's are avoiding it completely. its not worth any more.

Thanks for sharing. I remember that directory submission was the craze a few years ago but not now.

Directories are the basic promotion tactic and also effective if the directory updated properly and having good reputation in search engine but nowadays this become out of fashion.

Thanks a lot for sharing

I agree it's not really necessary these days, it's possible to get listed in a matter of hourse using video marketing or web 2.0 marketing.

When i say possible, it is possible but doesn't usually happen that quickly but generally within a matter of days

Add keywords in your description and submit in most relevant category.

Also, a good way to increase targeted visitors to the site is by submitting url relevant with multimedia to the directory related to multimedia. In my own experience, I have discovered that multimedia SEO helps increase traffic.

For myself, I used a directory submission service and within 2-4 weeks I was listed #2 in Google for the keywords I targeted. This won't happen if you are targeting "online marketing" or something similar, obviously. In my case, I went from not being Google listed for that particular term (at least not in the top 100) to being #2.

In my opinion it isn't the best way, but it certainly should be part of an overall marketing plan. As a side note, I did not submit to 10,000 directories or whatever some of these sites claim. I used a service that submits to only 100 directories, all of which have a Google PageRank of 4 or higher. That should obviously help you stay out of accidentally being posted to "bad neighborhoods".


i think directories is only change Page Rank in your site.

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