Hi there,

I want to know how to promote a Newly established Online business.

Any help will be appreciated.


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If it is an internet business, you must first have a website with good look and content. After that you can promote your website by

- posting signature links in forums and blogs
- social bookmarking
- launch affiliate program
- build a network of fans in facebook, orkut, linkedin etc.
- try PPC, CPM advertising

I also recommend that you attend events and meetups that include the type of visitors you want on your site and just plug your site. Give them a catchy business card with your website url very visibly seen.

In my opinion, SEO should be the first step.

In my opinion, SEO should be the first step.

Yes, I agree. But SEO thing is costly. If you have an enough budget then you should first tune your website at search engine point of view.

using youtube, twitter, sitepoint market place. You can promote your online business along with its features. Some ways may not be good for it. Good luck. Hope you will choose a better way to promote your online business.

You need to leverage both offline and online sources to promote your newly established online business. It also depends on the type of business and segments your business caters to.

For example,
Linked In - include your business post, create a business profile, join groups and include links for press release/white papers and any other documents that are of interest to the readers.
Twitter - share your thoughts about non-business news but also share links to news your Followers care about.

PPC is easiest way to get immediate traffic, though it is costly. Better have a good site with good content before you worry about traffic.

i would like to say the first thing to do is to build a blog to promote it

It depends upon the business plan and product or the services being offered. However some general tactics for business development are :
Perfect keyword usage in content
Perfect structure of the site
Proper selection of Meta tags
Continuous effective SEO practice
Tracking of the traffic

SEO is free, so no cost - you just have to invest the time to learn how to do the basics. It does not provide instant results. For that go PPC for a month or two.

PPC is the easiest and probably best way - if you can earn a good ROI. That is easier said than done, especially when professional online marketing companies are competing for the same keywords.

Getting your website organically on top Google search results is probably the best long-term and cost-effective solutions. You do so buy getting backlinks to your website - whether its blog posts, articles, etc.

You can consider the idea of writing articles related to your business offerings and mentioning a word or two about your business goal and objective in them. This marketing technique is simple, but excellent. You can have offline as well as online publications of these articles in newspapers, magazines, and websites looking for some quality and informative articles and from which you can attract a lot of traffic to your website.

There are tons of different ways to improve traffic- Including Directory submissions, Content management, Forum Links, Search engine submissions, ect.. Honestly the most important thing is the content management of your site, keeping things fresh and relivant.

i would like to say the first thing to do is to build a blog to promote it

I agree to John, that you have to build a blog to get more traffic, if you want free? you can create an account with google. If you want
to paid for your domain you can do that too.

Hope it helps!


Consider using PPC for getting some initial traffic. Other than this use your creativity, viral campaigns to promote your web site.

Old is gold...email marketing ...please find your target on google and send them mail...

the OP has descibed basic SEO - thats part of promotion but its not really promotion in the getting out there and selling sense.

what's your niche
and there are so many factors involved and i suggst u first do enough research

and a tip for u , know what are ur competitors doing, it could tell u alot

Doing Off-Page Optimization would be the best thing.. It deals with building links.. All of the techniques that generates back links fall under this type.. Techniques like blog commenting, forum posting, article and directory submissions, link exchange, social bookmarking, press release, classified ads, online groups, and social media and networking helps promote your site/blog.. Just make sure that you are getting QUALITY of inbound links..

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