I was searching the internet for highest paying affiliate programs on the net and I found this one http://www.equan.biz/idevaffiliate//idevaffiliate.php?id=100 once there read the page and click the “Affiliate Program” button and sign up. They pay you $100 just for signing up and $180 per customer that buys. The deal speaks for itself. The website had a 95% increase in traffic last month and growing.
But what I really want to know apart from the shameless plug above, does anyone know of any better affiliate programs which pay out the same if not more commission, but “Recurring” The one above is recurring yearly, but I’m also looking for monthly recurring affiliate programs, Does anyone have a website they know of which lists all the recurring affiliate programs. I’m really looking for non porn related affiliate programs, and ones that actually pay you. Affiliate programs in the IT Recruitment, freelancing, outsourcing type of business is ideal. Yeah I know it could be a needle in a haystack , but my website is ideal for that, I dare plug my own website in case I get blocked, but the above link is the type of website I’m looking for because I can advertise it to my business clients who pay fortunes for PPC marketing, yet banner advertising on up and coming websites I believe is far more profitable for the clients that I advertise to, because you get more targeted traffic , well with banners once the price has been set and paid then its regardless how much traffic that site brings. Looking at the cost per click ratio on a banner such as above compared to PPC, is much cheaper, if my business was geared to the opposite to what I’m selling, then I’d go for it myself.
I’m sure that website above will take over getafreelancer, one day, i just love the fact that anyone like you and me can post jobs for free and bid for freelancing work for free, something getafreelancer isn’t doing, the whole free concept is going to catch on extremely fast, that’s why being an affiliate to their banner add sales will work for me in my field. However its worth considering if even you are a freelancer like myself, I’ve had a couple of programming jobs from that website too, The first one didn’t pay out much, but thankfully the second one did. I guess its persistence and it’s a great way of networking with business clients. Actually while im here, if anyone not only knows good affiliate programs which pay good money but also know of other freelancing sites like getafreelancer and Equan.biz. I think if between us we found a comprehensive list of these sites and ideally free ones like equan that would be great, it would help us all network and prosper
Anyway I’m glad I’ve found this forum, it’s good to see likeminded people here, Thanks

Really seems to be a great opportunity. Hope to find some really healthy money making opportunity. Thanks a lot for the info.

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