Almost every user on this board has an alias that is unique and descriptive. But also, many users create multiple alias to fit in different environment. So my questions for the members here are:
1. What does your name/alias mean?
2. What else would you like to share?
3. Does this name permeate to your offline world?

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CSCGal = Computer Science Gal
Came up with it when I was in college pursuing my B.S. in Comp Sci. It's also my car's license plate. Actually ... it STARTED as my car's license plate. I later needed an internet alias and decided to name myself after my car.

MktgRob - because I am a marketing professional/consultant and because I am a thief...kidding! My first name is Rob. I was christened MktgRob by one of my bosses when I started working for them and I have grown attached to it. I use it as my professional alias, freeing up my personal alias. That one is rfc007, my initials and my love of all things James Bond. My personal alias is becoming something I use in offline ways now. I guess having a professional alias and private alias works best for me.

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