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hi i'm new on the forum and i need help. me and my friend started a gaming community and crew it's not strickly about gaming but based on. but my question is how to make a good and active community? and how to create a regular and high quest flow?? plz help me!!!

grtz,, Cypher

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There's some rather good suggestions over in this thread :

For me, personally, it's a question of knowing your members, and being able to see the site through their eyes - and answer their needs. Build it, and they will come....

Focus on content, and orient yourself to quality and not quantity. If you've got the former, the latter will slowly build towards larger numbers.

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i'm in the beginning of this same journey..

ok buddy there are sum gud ways for thsi. just add ranking selection to every game so that others can rank ur games . best ranked games can be placed on the top.
try to be stay in touch with ur users as much.

the second way is do gud SEO
third thing is try advertising online alot.
use new and best games online. try giving ur users sumthing which isnt available online.

one more thing buddy i just went through ur site. ur using is that a free url redirection or sumthing? try using .com it will help alot. it sounds like registered sites. and in the begining try putting more users. and ur top banner is i dono smaller or it shud be in the middle!!

can i make my social network website alone?

can i make my social network website alone?

Not sure what you mean?

i want to say that can i create my own social network webiste where anyone can join and share blogs, comments, messages, adding friends and so on. like orkut, facebook, yuwie etc. can i create my own like this? thats what i mean.

how much effort i will need for this. can you guess?

yes ofcourse u can buddy i alone am running my fan art community :D

Try Ning its fantastic..but you still have to put the effort in once the people are on the site

First thing is make sure your it looks appealing to the people that your website is targeting. Add a section where members can give comments and critique your forum. It's a great way to feedback from the members of what you need to improve.

Making a community site is very much like running a business....

It is not a 5 minute a day job and requires your wholehearted attention.

I believe that anyone can create his or her own community site, but success depends on the level of skill of the individual as well as the time/effort and thought being put into the site!!

Yeah... like others said see the site through your user's eyes, make it appealing...

GO AGAINST the flow... make something Unique and original... DO NOT jump on the bandwagon.

Make sure you have a stat reporting tool such as Google Analytics so you will know where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on your site. Sometimes people are willing to join a site, but the navigation is bad or a link doesn't work causing people to leave the site. If people are clicking into your sign-up page, but not signing up, then you know you need to redesign your sign-up page.

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