i Have been using WordPress which is really best for me..

Both the blogger platforms are simple to use. They can assure that the users can easily add content, whenever they like. Blogger however as a CMS is simpler to use than Wordpress.

Blogger is the easier CMS to employ as compared to Wordpress

Wordpress although scalable, is not easy to use unlike Blogger which has the same number of author backed tools as Wordpress.

Both Blogger and wordpress are deserved as the best blogs today that I use.
They are both easy to post, easly comment as well as editing account.

Wordpress is more better and trustworthy than Blogger.

As I type this I realize I could be starting a major argument in this forum but what the hell. For people who blog as part of their online community, what is the best (in your opinion) blog platform to use?

For myself, I have set up blogs on Blogger and Wordpress and while both are easier to use, Wordpress is far more flexible.

So lets here your humble opinions.

first of all thanks for joining Word press family
WP and Blogger both have its own Functionality
Wordpress have lots of plug in for creating good blogs and websites best All in Seo for Seo friendly websites and many more

Blogger : user friendly as well as we can take Google's blog service advantage

Hi MktgRob....Even I had used both Blogger & Wordpress & both are easier to use.....but of them, I would recommend using blogger because of its user-friendliness & ease of use....

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