HI World me again you will be sick of me soon I guess.

A few quick questions?
Is bloggin easy to do?
Which are the best site?
Will this drive traffic to my site?

Hope that someone can answer these question as the net seems to be difficult and has no real useful information that can be use be so one with limit knowlegde.


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Of course, blogging is easy.
best blogging platforms are blogger.com and wordpress.com and these both are search engine friendly. if u just can read and write u could start blogging.

Obviously great content is where it begins. All the marketing in the world won't help you succeed if your blog is uninteresting. Assuming you know who your target audience is, the first step is to go out and interact with them. I would consider Blogger.com to be designed to cover the needs of the beginner-intermediate blogger.

Blogging is easy..however...it is like a plant...you constantly have to nurture it - in this case, with relevant and valuable content, and cultivate a following, in order to really see results.

blogging is easy if you know what to blog. writing something interesting and unique is very hard for some. you can start blogging in blogger or in wordpress.

So now I wonder, does the original poster still believe blogging is easy?

I am still confused, all the help and yes I can read and write but does just making the blog interesting really work. I have many things to say about a lot of this and have written articles and blogs awaiting to go on a bloggin site. So addiing picture and videos would help. Also thansk for the help but I am still confused. I think that some os the service providers make it difficult to start up. Anyway blog site that a re easy to use.

You need to write fresh and unique contents if you want to have a successful blog

I wont say Blogging is easy to do, it is not easy to be a blogger. First you need to write quality and unique content for your blog regularly, if you have ever written a unique content i'm sure you already know the kind of effort it require to write a good content and put it in the right order.
Secondly, you cant be a blogger when you dont get visitors to your blog and the best way to get visitors to your blog is SEO, you need to put in a lot of effort into SEO before those visitors start coming. With all these, i cant say blogging is easy in any way.

For me not so easy blogging. But how you promote your blog? What the best for you wordpress or blogger?

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