We are thing of getting sponers for our site, but we are not sure how much to ask for. This is a new site and as usual visits are low, but cost is fix. Any recommendations?

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Don't concern yourself with advertising or sponsors until you've built yourself up to a decent size. At that point, your visitors will start approaching you asking about sponsorships.

I can't really give you a set figure because it differs by industry, and I'm unfamiliar with most industries other than my own.

How much do you pay in web hosting? You might want to set up a PayPal donations type thing saying that you're accepting donations in exchange for web hosting, so that you can break even.

Thanks for that Dani.

I completed my website about two months ago and decided to make use of openx to serve ads. Once I got that figured out, I joined a South African affiliate network and used their banners as advertising.

I also created an "Advertise on this site" page, just in case someone wanted to advertise.

This way, the site doesn't look too new to potential advertisers and you have the knowledge of fairly advanced adserving. I have now contracted an online media sales company to manage the advertising sales, so I'm excited to see what they bring in.

what affiliate network did you use in South Africa?

what affiliate network did you use in South Africa?

I use Trafficsynergy, they have good campaigns, friendly knowledgable staff and payments are made on time.

You can look up sample form letters that ask companies certain things.

As dani said the best thing is to establish your self in the market before starting to ask for sponsorships. Once you start getting a steady stream of reliable visitors then more peoples will become intrested in advertising on your website.

But if you want to make a buck or two why not use google adsense or affiliate banners.

Well i think price will be based on how many visitors visit your site and it varies on what industry and type of website you have. Another way to get a idea of price is to search on your competitors websites and see what they are charging advertisers.

Hope i helped

when your site shows potential to attract more people to click, it is the time you are able to ask for sponers.

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