I am promoting my website extensively by taking the help of social media optimization. But I couldn’t get proper ranking on some of the important keywords. Does search engine rally support the social media optimization? Please suggest me any effective measure that will help in increasing the search engine ranking for the keywords.


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It depends. Remember what the search engines are looking for: relevant context, relevant url, and relevant links. Thus, if you optimize your SMO to reflect text that is also on your website, it can strengthen your placement. Just putting your link and the name of the company wont help.

Though SMO is related to search engine marketing it actually goes beyond it. Since SMO involves driving traffic from sites other than search engines it helps in upgrading the search ranking. It is a form of viral marketing. The word is spread through social networks between unrelated net users by videos, image sharing websites, bookmarking websites. Blogging using RSS feeds also caters to the same objective. A well-constructed website can achieve SMO with ease and success.

I dnt thing so.. As Social Networking is the way to interaction with real people and educate them about your brand and services .

I know that google and other search engine started giving importance to social networking website. you can easily notice some facebook or twitter updates in the Search engine ranking pages and they are now considered as back links too.

But i would love to suggest that you should not treat facebook like a web directory or a social bookmarking site . It is really look ugly and gives a bad impression to your customer.

Try to be yourself and keep posting interesting and innovative.

When properly executed, social profiles on social networking sites improve your image, build your brand, and send more traffic to your website.

Social Media is a social platform which really helps you for branding and promotion of your product or service but you can not use it for ranking in search engines. You can generate traffic by getting backlinks to your website on social networks so that your website can be more visible on search engines. With this you can also get business leads by optimizing social media but you can not use social media totally to optimize search engines.

Social Media is meant to give you exposure to prospects, rather than skyrocket your site in the SERPs. tha is why I like it better than SEO. The rules of the game are simply different than traditional SEO.

SMO, in my opinion can help a lot to promote your websites. It can give backlinks and traffic to your site..

SMO helps to generate traffic and spread the word about your site but it can not hep your ranking directly.

It can help your ranking by getting you brand popularity and getting more sites link to you. So just keep on joining them.

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