Is social media a fad?
The biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution

MY Views: well, Social Media will remain as a powerful promotional tool for today's business, it's influence is definitely not a hype, it is one of the promotional tools for modern business, but if you say it's a revolution, I politely disagree.


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i too think that social media is a powerful promotional tool and not a revolution

I really think it depends who is analyzing it... if it is a business person then it is a great promotional tool. If it is a regular JOE then Social Media is definitely the latest technological revolution, until something else that replaces it comes along.

First of all, social media per se have existed since people have communicated. But I do think you mean Social Media 2.0 (or is 3.0 now). The ROI that corporations have seen and the ways how social media 2.0 have brought people together have cemented its presence and influence in this society.

I agree with you. It would not be a revolution , its simply a too used for promotional purpose.

Yes I agree... It's a great marketing tool. Social media helps you to do it in many ways through networking, interacting, communicating, responding, engaging and following.

In my own experiences, social media is firstly a need for our online lives and then it is also a nice channel for promotion purpose.

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To stay online whole day is must for Social Media, because to generate traffic you need to work actively on Social Media sites so that you can be able to interact with interested ones directly at the place.

Yes, nowadays we find change in the ways of promotion, people emphasize more on social networking resources for getting traffic for the website.

I don't think social media is a fad , it is one of the powerful tool to promote your site or your product and gives you more traffic. This tool won't let down so soon.

i think that social media is a powerful promotional tool and i don't thinks so that its fad.

According to me social media provided an good platform to grow your business popularity and I don't think that it's fad.

I do think Social Media is Revolution!
at least it made a kid named Mark Zuckerberg be a billionaire

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