I am just having profile in LinkedIn? But How to use Linked In for my site promotion?

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Remember that using LinkedIn for site promotion requires you to do the following:
1. Insert URL on your personal profile
2. Create a business page with the business URL
3. Create event with the business URL (only if you have an event - if its only online).
4. Join and participant in groups and plug your URL

You can interact with LinkedIn on a regular basis to reach those who may not see you on other social media sites.

Share regulary some news about your servise. Try Emailmarketing, I know that many people use it on FB.

you can join some related groups and actively involve within their discussion

Join your niche related Groups and share some news on a daily basis so that, if some one will find your post interesting and will feel to connect with you then you could will have some good update.

Thanks for the suggestions and advices, I think I will also try linkedin too.


Requires hands-on work, developing genuine relationships with people, direct communication.

LinkedIn is a great place where you can meet so many people who belong in the similar group. Share your ideas and thoughts with them. It's a great place to highlight your business and knowledge over there. You can recommend any people over there, add people to your network.

This is rally great post.

you can promote your site by inserting url in your personal profile and by joining different groups and involving others to post replies for the thread which you start in those groups.

I am just having profile in LinkedIn? But How to use Linked In for my site promotion?

Here's an excellent way to use LinkedIn Answers for blog content:

Once you have a general idea for a new post (especially one that offers an opinion on something), ask related questions via LI Answers. So, for instance, when I was writing a post about if there is truly a "social media capital", I asked people to give their take. I clarified the question (as a kind of disclaimer) to include the fact that I was going to re-post select answers to my blog. I got a ton of responses, and the best answers actually challenged the idea of a physical capital of social media.

I basically re-posted the best asnwers, responded and expanded on them, and then provided my take. It was one of my better posts, and this is the great part: After I notified everyone that they "made the cut", they were all happy about it, sharing the post across their networks.

Just add your Fill Correct and Truth Linkedin Profile education & employment history the u see linkind magic


Linkedin is another way to do social networking, like facebook but this is more on business type unlike with facebook you will interact with different kinds of people online. I will try linkedin as well...

Quit Intresting

just fill up ture profile

i often go to forum to find my point
also i have many habit like watch movie eg:Dexter series dvd
if you have many words want to express
you will recive more words

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