Do you close popup windows as soon as they appear? Do you
hate the static ads that show up on the middle of a site?
Are you using methods like these to promote your site because
for your ad or link exchanges?

Well, if you don't like them, don't use them!

Fortunately, I've found a brand new way to promote your
site using a proven method that doesn't involve any kind
of popup, banner or flashing ads of any kind. It's simple,
unobtrusive and it WORKS.

Check it out at www HoveringAds com/2179

With HoveringAds, you'll be able to put your ad directly on the
side of any website and have it appear instantly when someone
visits the page. The ad scrolls with them as they read, giving
you greater visibility and exposure that banner ads and link
exchanges just can't compare to. It's a lot more noticeable
and a lot less obnoxious than a popup.

By the way, did I mention it's free to join?

They've even got a viral marketing referral program that lets
you earn 100% of the advertising credits that your friend earns,
PLUS 100% of the credits of anyone THEY refer. It's three
layers of viral marketing power you just can't get from any
other ad or banner exchange.

Give it a try now by signing up at:
==> www HoveringAds com/2179

It's completely free to join and advertise on, so why not
check it out? I started seeing results almost immediately
and you could too!

See you there!
richard murphy

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Does this ad involve being part of an ad network?

Your long story is pretty like an AD here.

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