I'm a webmaster for a dating site and was wondering if anyone has any good marketing ideas. There is a BUT, we have absolutely minimal budget. I'm a realist and I know that little can be done marketing wise w/o funds. I'm not saying that we're not willing to spend money, it's just we don't have any right now. Still want to hear what you have to say about that. Where possible include approx. cost.


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Should i PM u here with ideas or do you have an email?

if you preffer to keep them private please PM me here, otherwise just post it in the forum, i'm sure that I am not alone with a small budget and need to grow my business.


I too would love to hear your ideas. ;)

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Pay-Per-Click is an immediate way to start buying targetted relevant traffic to your site, at a budget you set. Open an Adwords and YSM account. The investment is minimal, and savvy PPC marketers are often satisfied with their ROI.

My 2 cents.

payper click is a quick fix for recieving a rush of visitors but budgeting your keywords and monitoring is the key to success with PPC Traffic.

Seo is a cheaper option if you do it all your self if you dontknow much about seo i recommend downloading WEBCEO which is a great piece of software and is also free.

Also just add your link to as many directories as you can and also try gaining link to your website through link exchanging. a great way to gain one way links is to make your content as original as possible and to make your content interesting so people will want to read it and if they have a website they may want to tell others about it and link to your site. Content is also good for seo and your ranking on search engines.

Best ofluck with your website.


buy stickers that has your logo on it and pass them out or sticker them around towns. then you will be in front of everyone all the time!

Get yourself some articles written which are key-word rich

upload them to as many article sites as possible.



You should place your ad to the most appropriate sites where your targeted audience usually hang out.

hmmm. We have a related site in Europe and are in a similar situation regarding the budget. Maybe we could work out someting helping us both?

PM me so I can have a look into your site.


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